From Darkness


The wilted flower bows its buds at our world of darkness. Its wading bloom is a dying grit against its environment. But hope can be found from the majestic growth of others rising against the gloom. And soon thereafter, a garden of beauty and color radiates against our world and resists its crippling shade.


  • *From A Dark Millennium — Joseph Schwantner
  • *Symphony No. 1 In One Movement, Op. 9 — Samuel Barber
  • *Escape (from “The Little Prince”) — Hans Zimmer and Richard Harvey

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Percussion by Jack Albert

Sound Design by Colton Hines

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*I provide a “work-for-hire” service when creating a show. Thus, I do not own the copyright of the indicated works. (The other works fall under public domain and/or original music selections.) “Permission to Arrange” copyright licensing MUST be obtained before I will craft your ensemble’s arrangement.


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