No Beginning. No End.


Every person is connected by the human experience. As communication has evolved over time, we have learned that cultures have expressed our oneness with unique circle iconography as complemented by nature. Our sun, moon, stars, and every iota of nature draws us together by their very essence. Analogous to the cycle of life, we are all connected by different gradations of good and bad experiences that define our lives. This show, using a modernized natural soundscape and an evolving palindromic form, expresses this mysterious, universal bond that knows No Beginning. No End.


  • *Second Essay for Orchestra — Samuel Barber
  • *Dark Night of the Soul — Ola Gjielo
  • *The Destruction of Hometree — James Horner
  • *Dusk — Steven Bryant
  • *Climbing Up ‘Ikimaya – The Path to Heaven’ — James Horner
  • No Beginning. No End. — Ben Lee

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Percussion by Jack Albert and Sound Design by Colton Hines

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