Help me rewrite music history and spread the fake news of Mozart being a werewolf! A medley of many melodies from our favorite WOLFgang slowly lends itself to an acceleration in musical chronology as the moon reveals Mozart’s storied secret. Mozart plays the melody from his iconic piano concerto, evolving into lunar hits from Beethoven and Debussy. By the end, the real WOLFgang is either rolling in his grave at this show, or (hopefully) is rolling in laughter at his symphonies being mixed with none other than Maroon 5.


  •  The Magic Flute, Overture — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  •  Piano Sonata No. 11, III. Rondo alla Turca — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  •  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, I. Allegro — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  •  Symphony No. 25, I. Allegro con brio — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  •  Symphony No. 40, I. Molto allegro — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  •  Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, II. Andante — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  •  Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# minor (“Moonlight Sonata”), I. Adagio sostenuto —Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Claire de Lune — Claude Debussy
  • *Animals — Maroon 5

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*I provide a “work-for-hire” service when creating a show. Thus, I do not own the copyright of the indicated works. (The other works fall under public domain and/or original music selections.) “Permission to Arrange” copyright licensing MUST be obtained before I will craft your ensemble’s arrangement.


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